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Tonight at 6:00 and at 7:00


Friday….Last Day of School

Tomorrow is an Extra Kindergarten day.

Christmas Dinner Together

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Thursday–Tomorrow is a special Hot Lunch for Students (ONLY)

Parents, no need to pack a lunch, our students will be enjoying a Christmas lunch together.

Send snacks of course.


Grade 1-3 Christmas Craft Day Pictures

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Crazy Hair and Pajama Day

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Tomorrow is Wednesday

Please remember:

1. Library Books

2. Skates

3. Helmet

4. Appropriate Warm Clothing for Recess

Tomorrow….Tuesday is Pajama Day and Crazy Hair Day

Remember older students to be modest in your pajama attire.

All students, remember to still wash your face and brush your teeth!  :)


Do you have an extra pair of Size 2 girl skates?  Or a helmet?

Please phone or email the office.

Skating on Wednesday, December 17

Please remember to send in your permission slip (if you haven’t already)

Also, if you are planning to  join us for skating and would drive your children to and from the arena, please email or phone the office at  OR  403-783-6563.


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