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Student Day Off Tomorrow—Enjoy!

See you on Monday :)

Library Day Tomorrow

Please remember to bring your books!

Library Day Tomorrow

Please remember to send your child’s books for return!

Gift Card Order Forms are DUE Today



If Ponoka Christian School reaches 25 000 reading minutes by Thursday, February 26, then we get to:

  • Give $420 to Bibles for Missions!
  • Duct-tape Mr. Longard to the wall!

All prize draws will need to be entered by Wednesday, February 25 at 3:15 as we will be doing the draws right away Thursday morning.

If you have a new or partially used roll of duct-tape to donate to the event, please send it to school by Wednesday. Thank you!


Option Class–Drama

Aviary Photo_130691959160369649

A New Teacher?

Aviary Photo_130691958635779001

Extra Clothes

There are still quite a few students who do not have extra clothes in their lockers.

Please ensure your child has extra clothes as with the melting snow, we have had quite a few students with wet pants and socks.

Extra Kindergarten Day on Monday

Reynold’s Alberta Museum

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