Ski Day Tomorrow (Wednesday) important info below 

Please phone, email or text Val by 8:10 am if you are driving your child(ren) to the ski hill. 

The bus will be leaving by 8:50 so please have your children to school on time. 

After school (afternoon run) John’s bus will not be running his usual route.  Parents will have to drive. School ends at 3:15. 

Skiers will be returning to the school by roughly 4:30. Please check with the website in the afternoon for a more exact time. 

Wednesday, Feb. 14

Red and Pink Day!

Extra Kindergarten Day

Ski Day–Grades 4-9

Ski Day and Transportation: Last year there were some parents who took home other students (not their own children) from the ski hill.  Unless we have permission from the parents ahead of time, this cannot not happen. The school would be held responsible if anything happened to those students who went home with other people.

Ski Day Tomorrow

Students will be leaving right away in the morning. As soon as the buses get here, there will be a bathroom run and then off to the ski hill.

The students will be returning around 4:30.  Please check the website at the end of the school day for the exact time of their arrival.

John’s bus will NOT be running in the afternoon.