Permission Forms and Alberta Health Care Numbers

Some parents have not been including the AHC numbers on the permission forms.  AHC#’s are required to be on each permission form by Alberta Education.

Please do not assume that I, (Val) have the time to print the numbers on the forms or that we take the school files with us on field trips.

The odd time when the numbers are forgotten, I do not mind filling in the numbers. However, there are 150 students in the school.

There are so many ideas on the internet for creating a command center to keep things organized.

Here is just one of them:

Friday Notes

Extra Kindergarten Day

Hot Lunch Form DUE Friday

Other Forms:

  1. Skating Day  ALL Students Kindergarten – Grade 9 (as soon as possible)
  2. Noon Hour Skating Grades 2-9 Students (as soon as possible)
  3. Ski Forms  Grades 4-9 Students (as soon as possible)

Important Reminder–Society Transportation Meeting, Thursday, January 12

To all parents and Society members,

This is just a reminder notice for the upcoming society meeting THIS WEEK THURSDAY at 8:00pm to vote for a bussing option.  As this vote will affect the next few years of transportation to and from the school for your children, we strongly encourage ALL parents to attend and vote.  If you are unable to make the meeting, you can give your absentee vote to one of the board members.

The three options to be voted on are as follows:

  1. Two-bus system with larger busses.  This option will require fundraising to purchase two 70-passenger busses.  There will be central pick-up and drop-off points for both routes to maintain pick-up and drop-off times.
  2. Three-bus system. This option will require fundraising to purchase one new bus and continue to use existing busses.  This option will allow for all students to be picked up and dropped off at their homes with shorter overall times compared with current bussing.
  3. Keep current two-bus system. This would require more families to drive their children to and from school as the current busses are already up to capacity.

Please carefully consider all these options.  There is more detailed information on projected enrollment, costs, etc. in the society packet from November.  For any more information please contact Simon Faber at 403-396-4696.


Hope to see you all Thursday evening!