An important letter was sent home today.

Grades 6-9 Badminton Letter and Permission Form sent home today.

Flower Fundraiser —Don’t miss out! Send your order form next week!

2017-2018 Yearly Calendar is up on the website.

Extra Clothes—Please make sure your child has extra clothes at school. Puddle season 🙂





The Kindergarten students are excited to do a “Get Rid of Garbage” competition next week as a way of showing love to God by taking care of his land – being Earth Keepers – and also showing love to others as they work to keep the land, water, and air available for everyone to use and enjoy for years to come.

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each grade will work to be the “Get Rid of Garbage” winner of the day.

The ways that your child can reduce, reuse, and recycle and earn points for his/her grade are listed in the attachment.

Thank you for whatever support you are able to give towards the Kindergarten students’ “Get Rid of Garbage” competition.

get rid of garbage competition