Throughout the year there are many events and extra-curricular activities, please keep an eye on the newsletter (Bits and Bites) as to when and what is happening at the school


Some of the regular things that happen at school:

Chapel: All parents are welcome to attend these – Thursdays at 8:50am

Hot lunch: Once a month

Milk Card: $15 for 20 milks, please see Val in the office

Library: Open to all school members

Skating: Lunch times for select grades at the arena in town  

Gift card Fundraiser: Order forms will come home with your child


Some special days throughout the year:

 Winter Fun Day grade K-3 

 Ski Day grades 4-9

 Field/Sports Day

 Options classes for grades 6-9

 Jr. High awards day- day off for students that have completed all assignments

 School Auction – Major fundraiser for the school with lots of activities for the kids


Some extra-curricular events:





Track and Field