Parents are mandated by God to educate their children. Children are gifts from God (Psalm 127:3 – 5). Parents are responsible to “train up” their children in the way of the Lord and not in the ways of the world   (Prov.22: 6, Eph.6: 4, Jer.10: 2 – 3).

In God’s economy of things, He has ordained three basic institutions; The Family, The Church, and the Government. In fulfilling parental responsibility for the education of children, the family usually seeks help and support from one of these institutions. Since there is no Biblical authority for the Government being involved in education; the creation of a Christian School, serves as an extension of the home in assisting the parents in fulfilling their Christian responsibility to “train up” their children.

God is the “Supreme Teacher” and we, the parents, need to be obedient in instructing our children in His commands, decrees and laws (Deut. 6: 1,2,5). This, then, is our ultimate reason for establishing the Christian School.